These are the wonderful faces who have a hand in the day-to-day functions of taking care every dog who uses our services. We carefully hand pick each individual who represents our values in order to exceed your expectations when it comes to customer service. We are proud to be black owned & woman owned.


  • Tara
    Tara Robertson

    My name is Tara. I have been working in the animal care field for over 20 years experience. Half of my experience consists of assisting veterinarians, and the other half managing kennels and my own pet care business. I have a passion for animals of all kinds. I take pride in what I do and the services I provide. With an array of animal knowledge from many angles, I aim to cater to each individual pet to make sure they get the care they need.


  • Jato
    Sundiata Williamson

    My name is Sundiata Williamson, and I’m a proud manager at PupStars. I've been with the PupStars family since late 2018, and I have always loved and respected all kinds of animals.

    My own dog Xinny is seven years old as of 2022, and she’s the first dog I’ve had the chance to call a family member, and it has absolutely been the best decision I’ve made. A fun fact about her is that she has a minimum of seven different veggies in her bowl every day, along with supplements and a different kind of meat every week! Caring for her has been an experience I’ll never forget, and one I look forward to continuing. 

    A little more about me…I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, my favorite movie is Interstellar, my favorite TV show is Avatar the Last Airbender, and my favorite animals are dogs!

  • Alex
    Alex Gonzalez

    Hi, my name is Alex Gonzalez and I’m a manager at PupStars! I have around 10 years of experience with pet care, and I’ve been with PupStars for four years. 

    I have 7 pets, and they’re all the best because they love me no matter what. One dog (Princess), three cats (Topanga, Comet, and Jemini), 15 fish, one turtle, one snake (his name is Snakey), and two leopard geckos! 

    A little more about me… I’m originally from Chicago, I love spending time with my wife and seven kids, my favorite movie is Batman: Dark Knight, my favorite TV Show is Martin, and my favorite animals are dogs because they never turn their backs on you, even when you’re mad at them.


  • kim wardynski
    Kim Wardynski

    I'm Kim Wardynski and am 27. I was born in Evergreen Park and moved to New Lenox when I was 5. I have always been an animal lover. I have been working with horses since I was 14. I have owned my horse since 2014. I have my bachelor's degree in agriculture for animal science. I worked at an animal hospital for 4 years as a kennel attendant. I love working with animals and I am happy that I have gotten the opportunity to be a part of the pupstars team.

Vet's Assistant

  • img

    Hi, I'm Joyce I am from an animal-loving family.   I went to school and became a vet's assistant at 20 years old.  I now have a variety of animals all rescues.  I have birds, cats, dogs, fish, and a turtle.  I've had everything from snakes to pet rats,  My daughters were allowed to have any pet they desired because I enjoyed them as much as they did, maybe more.  A preschool teacher used to bring her class to my house so they could dance and talk to my cockatoo.  I love animals of all kinds. My mom once told me that all humans are born with a chance but some animals are born with no chance at all.  I just want to make sure more animals get a chance at a great life like us.


  • Georgie
    Georgette Avitia

    Hey! My name is Georgette and I have around two years of experience with professional pet care, specifically as a handler at PupStars. 

    I’m a proud cat mom of seven fur babies, and they are the absolute best! I’ve always had a strong desire to help animals in need, ever since I was a little girl. So, whether it comes to rescuing abandoned kittens or pet-sitting, I’m always looking to help them live better lives!

    A little more about me… I’m from Chicago, my favorite movie is American Mary, in my free time I like to spend quality time with my cats, and my favorite animals are cats because although they’re independent by nature, they’re also sweet and lovable!


  • Malik
    Malik Morris

    Hi! My name is Malik Morris and I am an Assistant Manager at PupStars! I have around four years of experience with pet care, and I love coming to work to experience different relationships with different dogs.

    PupStars is the reason I got my own puppy, Praline! My favorite thing about her is that she always wants to cuddle, and I love her bursts of the zoomies that she gets too. 

    A little more about me… I was born and raised in the great city of Chicago, I want to have a majority stake in the Chicago Bulls franchise, I love to make music and hang out with my girlfriend, as well as learning new things! My favorite show is Dragon Ball Z, and my favorite animals are whales because they’re mystical and can do things humans can’t comprehend yet!


  • Groomer

    Hello, my name is Teresa

    I have been working with animals for about 15 years. I have a passion for grooming and giving them the time they need to build trust to have a great experience. I have multiple pets of my own and enjoy reading and learning new things about my craft.


  • alexander
    Alexander Moreno

    Hello, My name is Alexander Moreno. Born & raised in Chicago. Got Mexican blood flowing through me. One thing about me, when you get to know me is; I am an enthusiastic person. I love talking to people. I love all types of animals. My hobbies are; playing basketball, video games, cooking & reading. & I love music! I’m into all types of food, but Italian would be my favorite. 


  • MaryKate
    Mary Kate


    My name is Mary Kate, born and part-time raised in Dallas, Texas, and moved up north to the Chicago ‘burbs for high school and attended and graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2018 and have been in the city since!

    I have always had a love for nature and animals since I was little. Growing up with Three chihuahuas and now a cat mom to three amazing kitties!

    I interned and volunteered at PAWS Chicago during college as an adoption counselor and kennel staff. I have also worked at a major animal hospital, walked dogs and pet sat!

    I love caring for animals and can’t wait to love on your furry friends at PupStars!



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