PupStars Pet Care Luxury Boarding 

Traveling for business or pleasure? Going away for an extended period of time without your dog can be easily solved by bringing them to our facility for boarding services. Your dog will have ample living space and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. 


During your pet's stay, they will spend their days taking advantage of our 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play spaces.  After a long day of socializing and enjoying the fresh air, they will have the night time to relax in their own, safe and comforting space.  Follow your pet's stay on our social media pages. We upload group pictures every day.  

  • Daycare is included
  • We administer medication as directed 


  • Temperament Test (includes tour and new client paperwork)
  • Updated vaccines for Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper
  • A negative fecal report


Daycare is included in boarding reservations with the exception of your pup's final day of boarding depending on the time they go home.   On the final day of boarding, if your dog goes home after 10:00 AM, the daily daycare rate will be applied to their final boarding day.  

Condo $69/night


Transportation (Monday-Friday)$10/ride
Private Transportation (Saturday & Sunday)$20/ride

Before your dog's first boarding stay, you both will come in for a temperament test and full-tour of the facility. You Will be able to see both living spaces to determine the best fit for your dog.  Both our condo's and suites are large enough to accommodate most dog sizes, comfortably.  

A La Carte Menu:

Peanut Butter Kong$4
CBD Treat$5
Bedtime Cookie$3
Tech Time (30 minutes of I-Fetch)$15 
Treadmill Time (15 minutes on the treadmill)$20
Skype With Your PetComing Soon
House Food$5/meal

What to Bring

With the exception of food, we provide everything that your dog needs during their boarding stay.  We have dry dog food available to purchase (see A La Carte menu for pricing).  Below is a list of items that you may pack for your dog.  

  • Dog Food: We are able to accommodate feeding all food types (kibble, wet food, freeze dried, raw etc..). We are able to refrigerate foods that require it.  Make sure that you update your dog's feeding instructions in their Gingr profile.  
  • Medication: Be sure that medications and/or supplements are clearly labeled. Make sure that dosing and/or quantities are fully updated on your dog's Gingr profile.  Medications and supplements must be packed separately from your pets food. 
  • *Blankets/T-shirt:  Many pets enjoy having a blanket or t-shirt that smells like home.  
  • *Toys: Feel free to pack your pets favorite toy
  • Treats: You may pack treats for your dog please see the "What Not to Bring" list below regarding the guidelines on what treats are acceptable for boarding stays.

*For any items intended to be left with your pet in their living space, make sure that these are items that you feel comfortable leaving with your pet unattended.  For dog's who can be destructive to their blankets or toys, we do not recommend bringing these items.  

What Not to Bring

  • Water or Food Bowls (unless you are using a slow feeder) 
  • Digestive or non digestive bones/chews (Bully sticks or chews that cannot be eaten immediately) 
  • Measuring Cups
  • Large Beds (we have raised orthopedic cots available for all boarding dogs-no additional cost) 


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