Before using any of our services you will be required to schedule either a meet-and-greet or temperament test. If looking to utilize in-house and out-house services, both will be required before starting. Majority of our services require two sets of working keys to be made for the meeting or before service start date.

    All services taken place inside your home require a meet-and-greet. Meet-and-greets are when a staff member comes out for you to introduce yourself and your pet. During this introduction you will provide us with a walk through of where the leash, water bowl, food/treats, sleeping, cleaning supplies and more is located throughout the residence. This is to make sure we have everything covered to not bother you and make everything run smooth once service begins.

     Services such as boarding, daycare and our dog park require a temperament test. A temperament test is when you bring your dog in for a behavioral assessment. We observe your dog with a range of sizes and temperaments to make sure he or she is socialized. During this time you will fill out new client paperwork, ask any questions you may have and be given a tour of our facility. This can be scheduled by appointment Monday through Friday from 11AM til 1PM, Wednesday from 3PM til 5PM, and Saturday from 10AM til 1PM. Before your appointment you or your veterinarian must email us ([email protected]) over proof of up to date vaccines for rabies, bordetella, and distemper plus a negative fecal report in order for the assessment to take place.


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