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Tara Robertson

My name is Tara. I have been working in the animal care field for over 12 years. Half of my experience consists of assisting veterinarians, and the other half managing kennels and my own pet care business. I have a passion for animals of all kinds. I take pride in what I do and the services I provide. With an array of animal knowledge from many angles I aim to cater to each individual pet to make sure they get the care they need.

Jon'nae Hartley

My name is Jon'nae and I started out as a volunteer because I wanted to be able to care for animals while accumulating my service learning hours required to graduate. I found my start at PupStars and it has been a wonderful ride. I have learned a lot about dogs from how to read a dogs body language to how to properly bathe them. I love my job and hope to continue to grow with this wonderful family oriented facility.

Rosie Buttitta

Ever since I was young, I always had a passion for animals. I just knew my life would revolve around them and had dreams of being a groomer for animals. PupStars made that happen, and it's been an awesome 2 years here at PupStars! I take all my clients into love and care, easy consideration and treat them all as if they were my own. I never call work, “work”. I call it my Art Studio. The dogs help me keep my sanity and I never seem to get overwhelmed no matter how big or furry the dog is. (I may get tired but they are all just so good to me and I enjoy what I do very much). Every morning when I wake up at 7am I look forward to going to work  for the kisses,barking, and dog hair that brings love and joy to my heart.

Jabre Washington

Jabree Washington is a student attending Northern Illionois University studying biological sciences, and aspiring to become an exotic or wildlife animal veterinarian.

I am the owner of a lovely Maine Coon cat. When I am not working at the facility I love to re ad do volunteer work, shop, hang out with family and friends, and explore the city of Chicago.

Passionate, loving, and caring, I believe there is always time to do whatever it is you want to do as long as you're happy.

Alyssa Barruffi

My boyfriend, son, cat and I live in Ukrainian Village. I am officially new to the animal Industry but I have pet-sat and dog-walked for friends and families since I was about 15 years old (now almost 30). I have always had a special love for animals, especially dogs! In my free time I love going to concerts with my boyfriend and exploring the city with him and my son.

Omar Vargas

I have been working with animals big, small, scaly and furry, for more than 7 years. Animals are my passion, I want to make a difference in their lives, especially the ones that need help. There is nothing I would rather do. 

Jorge Luis Gallardo

Jorge Luis Gallardo, is a positive trainer with over 8 years of experience working with dogs in the US as well as in Mexico. His training style is cognitive/motivational based focusing on bond/communication building between dogs and their human companions. He has taught both group class as well as private instruction. He also has volunteered much time to helping dogs in shelters, particularly during his time in Mexico where he successfully helped many dogs with problems to live in homes with their adoptive families. For his work in communities and knowledge of dog behavior, Jorge Luis was a frequent guest on Radio and TV during his time in Mexico City. Jorge Luis is a graduate from Loyola University where he studied Psychology with a particular interest in Behavior Modification, and from where he also holds his MBA. He is a certified trainer by Animal Behavior College and is certified by the Red Cross for Canine First Aide. He is also dog groomer, massage therapist and Pet Photographer.

Clarence Browley

I am a dog lover and have been dog walking going on 3 years. I am an all around relaxed guy who is a performer with a music background.

Nicholas Zych

I am a child of the Lord, and a friend to the animals. Animals have been a part of my life since the 3rd grade.
I have been caring for cats over 50 years and have been caring for dogs (German Shepherd and Scottish Terrier) over 14 yrs.

Edgar Ricardo

My name is Edgar and I have been a dog lover my whole life! Working with dogs is my passion. I am a dog groomer that loves to make sure your pup is always looking his or her best. I want to thank PupStars for letting me be a part of the team.

Corinna Roman

I've been working with dogs for a little over two years and I love it! I get something really rewarding out of it that I never got out of most jobs.

I've never had a dog of my own, but when I do, I'm going to bring him to daycare so he can have lots of friends!


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